I’m typing this tanned while still feeling some sand and salt in my now much blonder hair. However, outside of my window I see nothing but gray skies, intermittent rain showers, and people slugging around with jackets, scarves, and umbrellas. Germany sure knows how to welcome a gal home! Due to […]

Sun Soaked in Algarve, Portugal

Below is a quick summary, several pictures, and a video I took with my son today at Killesberg, Park; a large, beautiful park just outside of Stuttgart, Germany. The park is free to enter and has a petting zoo, a massive playground with a zip line, several biergartens, botanical gardens, hidden […]

A Fun Morning at Killesberg Park, Stuttgart Germany

So, this one time, in Fiji, we capsized a boat. Thankfully there were no casualties other than a few flip-flops and a raincoat. We were on a tour that included a Kava ceremony, lunch in a local village, and amazing scenery of waterfalls and lush greenery along the Navua River on […]

Capsizing a Boat in Fiji and my 1st Experience with ...

On a warm and sunny July day I put on my sundress, flip-flops, and sweet-talked my husband and 21 month old son into a day trip to the southern Black Forest to go swimming and visit the town of Freiburg. I had been wanting to swim in a new area and found […]

Freiburg & Titisee, A Day in the Black Forest

Due to yet another German holiday (Ascension Day, Father’s Day, read more about this drunken holiday here) my son had the day off of school. Since the weather was gorgeous, I allowed him to pick from two outdoor choices: rides or animals. He enthusiastically chose animals so I packed us a […]

Pforzheim Wildpark

I’ll start off by saying, I LOVE BRUGES! This was our second time in Belgium. Our first trip was several years ago with a blind booking into Brussels. I had just found out I was pregnant, so I spent my time eating chocolate, frites, and painfully watching my husband enjoy […]

Bruges, Belgium – Luxembourg, and the Belgium Coast

Early summer and early autumn in Germany is prime season for one of my favorite past times, Weinwanderung (wine hikes/walks/wandering)!! It’s about as fun as it sounds, but I highly recommend going with a lively group to maximize the fun experience. I have gone with a fabulous group of gals who […]

Wine Wandering and Wine Hikes in Germany

Many thanks to The Trekking Cat for nominating and awarding me the Liebster Award for this blog! I have been having a lot of fun rehashing my past trips and working hard to update, edit, and provide useful and entertaining content to my readers. It’s a constant work in progress, but I […]

Liebster Award!!

With my husband stateside caring for his parents, my son and I have been doing a lot of dates together to get out of the house before the cold, grey shroud of German winter sets in. The leaves have been changing and the region is now a bright rusty color […]

Baumwipfelpfad, Sommerberg

As a skier who has been barreling down various sized mountains and hills across America since 1985, moving to Germany and heading out on my first runs caught me a bit off guard. I have always considered myself a pretty good rule-follower when it comes to skiing and have adhered to the […]

Ski Differences in Europe

Herrenberg is a small town outside of Stuttgart and easily accessible by commuter train. To be specific, it’s the last stop off of the S1 and is the starting point for many trails of the Schonbuch Forest. It’s a picturesque little town that is easy to get to from most places […]

Herrenberg, Germany: Cafes, Wilderness, and a Kletterpark

My obsession with the Alsace region is no secret. It’s filled with quaint villages, unique delicacies, and some of the best white wine in France. Colmar is a small medieval town south of Strasbourg boasting the typical, yet charming, half-timbered houses, winding cobbled streets, and little courtyards speckled throughout the town. […]

Colmar and Soufflenheim, France

Since living in Germany we have made the trek to Strasbourg a few times. It’s an old, beautiful city nestled between waterways and a mix of gothic and medieval architecture. Strasbourg is also capital of the Alsace region which is home to my favorite white wine, Pino Gris. Besides the […]

Strasbourg, France: Christmas Market

You may be thinking I’m crazy to make an entire post about yogurt and quark, but until you’ve tried the German style in the glass jars, don’t judge me. I have to share.   Jogurt I didn’t realize how lucky we were until a recent visit back to the states when […]

Jogurt vs Yogurt (and Quark!)

The boy started school at eighteen months old. Not school in the traditional American, educational sense, but more of a social an independence building sense. Reggio Emilia Approach to Development The Germans believe strongly in the Reggio Emilia approach to education, and from my research the American schools tend to […]

German Schooling

Trains, trains, trains!  Or rather, Zug, Zug, Zug!! My son is absolutely infatuated with trains, tractors, trucks, airplanes, cars, construction machinery, etc…  We can’t drive down the road here in Germany without seeing some type of construction (always, das is Deutsch) and I know he spots it before me when I […]

Stuttgart Area Parks with Steam Trains (Dampfbahns)

We first moved to Germany in mid-January, 2013. Shortly after our arrival, we noticed that word “Fasching” kept coming up on radios and in posters around town. As we got closer to February, we saw Halloween and Carnival type costumes popping up for sale in our grocery stores and local […]

Fasching, Germany’s Carnival