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IMG_9534I moved to the Stuttgart region of Germany in January of 2013 due to an opportunity with my husband’s work. I was working full time in the wellness & fitness industry as an Account Manager in San Diego. I really loved my job and enjoyed the work we did, however, the opportunity to live in a foreign country and to travel more was tempting enough to quit my career and start packing. My husband’s work wasn’t offering a substantial pay increase and the opportunity for me to work abroad was very limited. This would mean that living and traveling would be on a tight budget, which I was absolutely ok with and have had plenty of experience with in the past.

After one month of living in a hotel while looking for a place to live, taking breaks to ski in the French and Swiss alps, attending (and stocking up) at a French wine expo in Strasbourg, we moved into a little old house (circa 1490) in a little old village and started unpacking. The next day, I found out I was pregnant. That took us by surprise and our dreams of traveling started doing a tailspin. After the initial shock wore off, I embraced the fact that I would become a mother and that life would change, but that our new little bundle of joy would come along for the ride. That’s what we’ve done out here it’s not always easy. It can be downright stressful and absolutely exhausting, but we wouldn’t trade this life for anything. We feel very fortunate to have this little boy in our lives and his positive energy, love for new experiences, new people, and abundant excitement make him a fun travel buddy…when naps, bedtimes, and mealtimes are somewhat adhered to. Snacks. Always carry snacks.

madegermanyMy son was born in a German hospital, attends the German school system, and gets to benefit from (most) of the amazing things this country has to offer. Unfortunately, we came after the German law was in effect banning dual citizenship to babies born to non-nationals. We would have loved for him to be both since this country has been his only home.

Besides the kid factor, we have lived in this country for several years and have learned a lot about the fascinating culture, history, and the day to day basics of living in Germany. I want to share what I’ve learned and experienced. Keep in mind we live in Swabia, a very distinct region of the country with a separate dialect (Schwabish/Swabian), cuisine (Spatzle, Maultaschen), a known stereotype for being, lets say…”thrifty”. We border and encompass some of the Black Forest, the Schonbuch Forest, and the city of Stuttgart known for the creation of Porsche, Mercedes, and Bosch, to name a few.


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