About Holly

cropped-12002126_10152900948596191_559868391467288808_n.jpgI’m a passionate lover of life and I’ve often been referred to as perpetually restless. I had experienced a lot of loss in my early years which I think contributed to my passionate living. Life is delicately short and if you have the chance to travel, to love, and to live, take advantage of it any way you can and go as hard as you can.

In early 2012, my husband’s work presented us with an opportunity that would relocate us to Germany. I quit my career and we packed up our life in San Diego to move overseas to southern Germany in January, 2013.  We understood we would be taking a huge financial loss in exchange for life experience. Four short weeks later we discovered we were expecting a baby…that was an unexpected surprise!  I gave birth to our little Überraschung in the fall of 2013 in Deutschland and we spent the following four years learning to travel with a little one.

We moved back to San Diego in February of 2017 and brought with us a lot of new traditions. I have gone back to work full time, but still travel at least once a month. My current mission is to explore wild America with more experienced eyes and embrace the different cultures across this vast country. Not much is off limits in 2017 and 2018.

About this Blog
Writing has always been a great outlet for me and this blog serves as a place for me to document and remember this phase in my life, and to share what I’ve learned.  The name, “pack the corkscrew” is pretty self explanatory and one of my travel mantras.  I try to be prepared for fun on each adventure, and while living in Europe, that fun involved oodles of wine.

This blog started as an outlet to document my life while living and traveling overseas. It blossomed into a place where I not only shared my experiences traveling, but also where I shared my growth as a mother and as a friend to my readers. I write many of my posts as a friend sharing my tips and lessons learned along this bumbling, fumbling journey that I’ve been so fortunate to take. I fought internally with the idea of making this only a travel blog, but my life, as is my readers’ lives, is so much more than that. There are epic moments, mothering moments, “ah-ha!” moments, “oh shit” moments, and the list goes on. Since all of our lives will take many twists and turns along this fabulous and sometimes tragic journey, I’ve decided, so will this blog.

I’m not planning to write anything profound or overly personal, but I do want to share what I feel is worth sharing from time to time. If you know me personally, you know that can be a lot. So, apologies in advance for my overindulgent and sometimes exhaustive amount of expression. I absolutely love hearing advice from others about everything from travel to parenting because there is always something new and unique to discover when opening your eyes to a new perspective. I read many other blogs and ask for advice often, and I always encourage others to do the same. The diversity in the minds of our world are fascinating.

My Credibility
I’ve been traveling my entire life and have worked hard to continue it through college, adulthood, and now parenthood. At this point in my life I have visited 30+ countries, but I’m always planning the next adventure. I’ve stayed in everything from road-side campgrounds, hostels, to 5 star all-inclusive resorts and I love sharing what I’ve learned with others. I’ve been a vegetarian for over twenty years and have learned how to decipher menus and find vegetarian food (most) everywhere I visit.
I am a proud mother to my “one and done” awesome little boy, but I also have a teenage step-son who travels with us when he visits.  I have a passion for travel, adventure, food, good libations, music, the great outdoors, and new life experiences.

Thanks for reading and for your support. Keep on truckin’.
xoxo Holly