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img_5724Since I’ve lived in Germany I have done many hikes by myself. I enjoy being alone with my thoughts in nature, and walking or hiking solo has always been a way I can rejuvenate when I feel in a slump. That being said, I do love hiking with my like-minded friends on occasion to catch up and enjoy the company, but I left a lot of those friends when we moved overseas.

Over the years I have searched for hiking buddies in Germany, but unfortunately never found anyone with the same type of passion. That is until I met a group of ladies on Facebook who welcomed me in. I have done a few hikes with them and have really enjoyed the experience. Being able to meet new people on every hike and chat about our kids, our travels, our pre-Germany lives, and then feel my FitBit vibrate as I breeze past 10k steps before 11am is a great experience. It’s a welcoming group and I’ll be sad to leave that part of Germany behind when we move, which might be very, very soon.

I wanted to share some pictures of a magical little place called Monbachtal. I’ve tried to hike this area before with my toddler, and that didn’t go well. He’s a great little guy to take a leisurely walk with to explore, but he is not the best hiking partner. He’s easily distracted, slow, and too independent to ride in our backpack carrier. Understandably so, he’s two. I’ll save weekend forest strolls for him and keep the serious hiking for mom-only, for now at least.


A beautiful spot to watch the sun beams rise in the morning! Where are the fairies?

Please enjoy these pictures and try to see it in person, too. It’s a beautiful little place and filled with a variety of trails, hidden huttes (biergartens/bakeries/etc), mini waterfalls, and some of the greenest green I’ve ever seen.


Map your GPS to Im Nagoldtal 1, Bad Liebenzell and park along the river or in front of the biergarten/mini golf course. Begin your walk to the mini golf course and look for the start of the trail/path leading into the woods, past the bathrooms on the right, lined with a green fence.

Once you make it to the first bridge leading into the valley with the picnic tables and fire pit (about a mile in), instead of crossing the bridge, head left before the bridge on the trail and follow the rooty, green trails along the river.

You have the option to do the entire loop which will lead you back to the starting point and can take 3-4 hours, or veer off on any of the other numerous trails. On this date, we chose to hike in and out the same way – 2 miles in and 2 miles out.

Check here for other routes:


Wear sturdy shoes, bringing trekking poles, and a backpack. The path is not paved and there is some scrambling over roots, rocks, streams, and other slick areas.

Bring a lunch, there are plenty of beautiful areas to have a picnic.

NOT stroller friendly!

In warmer months there is a biergarten welcoming guests, playgrounds, and mini-golf.


Crossing streams and being distracted by the beauty.


Many, many stone steps.


Peeking around mossy corners, so much green!


Directional signs help lead the way.


The Germans are serious about trail marking. Take your pick!


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