Freiburg & Titisee, A Day in the Black Forest 2


On a warm and sunny July day I put on my sundress, flip-flops, and sweet-talked my husband and 21 month old son into a day trip to the southern Black Forest to go swimming and visit the town of Freiburg. I had been wanting to swim in a new area and found Lake Titisee (tee-hee!) on a map. After packing a quick swim bag, we hit the road making “titty see” jokes sporadically during the less-than-two-hour drive. We are extremely juvenile and that’s no surprise to those that know us well, or to those who read my blog.

Lake Titisee is a beautiful, large lake located in the southern Black Forest, Germany. Unfortunately, the wonderful weather turned by the time we had arrived which was about 10am. The warm, sunny morning was replaced with chilly winds and rain. After hopping out to view the lake and surrounding area, we ran shivering back to the car to look for something else to do nearby.


Even though we didn’t get to experience all the great stuff this lake has to offer, don’t let it stop you from giving it a go! Look at all the fun things we COULD have done:

  • swimming
  • hiking & biking (5 miles of trails circle the lake and surrounding hillsides)
  • boat rentals, wind sailing, rowboats
  • shopping and local cuisine (including the famous Black Forest Cake!)
  • biergartens with gorgeous lakeside views

We had seen signs on the way down for a huge indoor swimming area called Badeparadies, which is located very close to the lake. Since we had suits and our swim bag on board, we decided to put them to good use…and try to tire out the kiddo enough for a good solid nap before we headed into Freiburg.


There are three sections to the Badeparadies:

  1. Galaxy (loud, fun, exciting! Waterslides and water “theme-park” area. All ages)
  2. Palm Oasis (beautiful and tranquil! A large pool surrounded by lush vegetation, relaxing loungers, a pool bar, and a restaurant serving healthy and varied dishes. Ages 16 and up and small children up to and including 3 years old)
  3. Wellness Oasis (we didn’t enter, this was the spa and nude/clothing-free area for 16 and up only)

You can purchase a 1.5 hour, 3 hour, or day ticket to enter one or all of the sections.

Prices per 1.5 hours: Galaxy = 12 Euro Palm Oasis = 15 Euro Palm Oasis + Wellness Oasis (must be purchased in conjunction) = 19 Euro
We enjoyed the slides at the Galaxy (including the Galaxy Twister with intergalactic lights!) and then had a nice lunch and some relaxing downtime at the Palm Oasis.


The Palm Oasis also had a kiddie pool and it was far less obnoxious and less crowded than one in Galaxy. Our son was a bit overwhelmed in Galaxy, but Palm Oasis was just right. It was cleaner, calmer, and the water felt amazing. We went a little over our 1.5 hour time enjoying all of the pools, but still made it out around nap time. The kid conked out at the pool and slept the way into Freiburg which is only a 40 minute drive from Titisee and the Badeparadies.


Freiburg was a really charming and fun town to explore. By the time we had arrived, the sun had returned and the rain had created mini canals throughout the town. We later discovered these are called Bächle and were probably used in the past for either provision of water or as sewers and drainage. The Bächle are a dominant presence in Freiburg and if there has been a recent rain, you will also see lots of children playing in them with boats and plastic ducks sold by street vendors. My son was all smiles and giggles as he tromped through the water and splashed with all his little might. It’s a fun thing to do with littles and since we had planned to do lake swimming originally, we had brought along his water shoes. I’d recommend bringing those only because it’s a city and who knows what other things are flowing through those canals.


We also witnessed several adults dipping their feet in the cool water, and we did the same. There is a legend that states once you put your feet in the Bächle, you are sure to return to Freiburg.


As we only spent a day here, we didn’t get to explore all the town had to offer, but we did get to marvel at its beautiful architecture, quaint streets draped with greenery and flowers, and experience the Bächle in full effect.


A few of the top rated sights in Freiburg:

  • Freiburg Minster: A beautiful and architecturally stunning cathedral and tower (116 meters high!) completed in 1330
  • Old and New Town Hall (the Tourist Info is in the Old Town Hall) and other wonderfully preserved buildings from the Middles Ages to the Renaissance.
  • Historical Store (built in the 1500s and boasting a beautiful facade!)
  • Schwabentor, Swabian Gate (originally built in 1250. Also houses a small museum inside)
  • Martinstor, Martin’s Gate (also built in 1200s and was once a prison. You can’t miss the giant McDonald’s sign on the wall causing some of the local students to refer to it as the McDonald’s Gate)
  • The Black Forest! The city is surrounded by some of the most beautiful parts of the forest and is one of the greenest sights you’ll ever see, especially if going mid-summer.


Titisee Info:…nen/Titisee-lake

Badeparadies Info:

Freiburg Info:,Len/225923.html

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  • Nico

    In fact the rumor is if you accidentally step into a “Bächle” in Freiburg you will marry a citizen of Freiburg. As this rumor is only fun for singles I think they added the other part for all the others… ?