I am an expressive person and writing has always been my preferred way to “get it all out”, so to speak. Occasionally, I have a thought that needs to be scribbled out via keyboard, and this is where many of those will land.

Helloooo California!! I finally have adequate sun exposure and my skin has become a nice golden brown over these few weeks back in sunny California. My energy has increased, I’ve reconnected with oodles of dear friends, and I am starting to feel like my best self, again. Our stuff has all arrived, […]

Tengo keine dinero! Haha…ohhh.

  As the year comes to an end, so do our four years living in Germany. It’s been an eventful and exceptional experience to say the least. The amount of memories and experiences we’ve crammed in during this period could fill a lifetime. We landed in this country due to an opportunity that came […]

Germany, Embedded: Top 10

We decided to move to Germany. We weren’t forced and we weren’t escaping anything. Our choice to move here was for an opportunity to experience a new culture and to travel. We are extremely fortunate to have had this experience and that my husband’s work had the opening. Although it wasn’t exactly […]

A Little Language Vent by a Foreigner