Um…it’s probably no surprise that I enjoy a glass of wine here and there. Traveling and tasting each country’s special brew or vine has been a passion of mine as long as I have traveled. This passion extends beyond the booze and into the food, the people, the environment, and the history. A glass of wine is always so much more than a glass of wine.

Now that summer is well underway here in Germany, I thought it was a good time to list out a few of my favorite summer wines from around Europe. Plus, my blog is called “Pack the Corkscrew”, so I am hoping the readers will appreciate this! Before moving to Germany, I was […]

My Top 5 Summer White Wines (European)

Early summer and early autumn in Germany is prime season for one of my favorite past times, Weinwanderung (wine hikes/walks/wandering)!! It’s about as fun as it sounds, but I highly recommend going with a lively group to maximize the fun experience. I have gone with a fabulous group of gals who […]

Wine Wandering and Wine Hikes in Germany

My obsession with the Alsace region is no secret. It’s filled with quaint villages, unique delicacies, and some of the best white wine in France. Colmar is a small medieval town south of Strasbourg boasting the typical, yet charming, half-timbered houses, winding cobbled streets, and little courtyards speckled throughout the town. […]

Colmar and Soufflenheim, France

September 2015 I had my first successful girls’ weekend in Germany!  I had been itching to get away and do some outdoorsy stuff in the region and had heard a lot about the famous Moselweinweg which is a bike route that runs along the Mosel river. In doing the research for this trip, […]

Biking the Mosel, Germany