This is the first post I have written in a long time, but I’m finally settling down into our new home and ready to crank ’em out, again. We have done lots of traveling over the last few months and much more is on the horizon, however, we’ve been in […]

Christmas Market, with Palms and 80 Degrees

Helloooo California!! I finally have adequate sun exposure and my skin has become a nice golden brown over these few weeks back in sunny California. My energy has increased, I’ve reconnected with oodles of dear friends, and I am starting to feel like my best self, again. Our stuff has all arrived, […]

Tengo keine dinero! Haha…ohhh.

Our time in Germany is over, for now. We’re packed up and living stateside. My husband still swears we’ll end up back there one day. As for now, I am ready for sun, sea, and San Diego! We moved back to the states in early January and started our journey […]

Sweet Home Alabama

Since I’ve lived in Germany I have done many hikes by myself. I enjoy being alone with my thoughts in nature, and walking or hiking solo has always been a way I can rejuvenate when I feel in a slump. That being said, I do love hiking with my like-minded friends on occasion […]

Photo Post: Hiking in Monbachtal, Bad Liebenzell

We decided to move to Germany. We weren’t forced and we weren’t escaping anything. Our choice to move here was for an opportunity to experience a new culture and to travel. We are extremely fortunate to have had this experience and that my husband’s work had the opening. Although it wasn’t exactly […]

A Little Language Vent by a Foreigner

I love my son and I love my husband, but sometimes a gal needs to get away and into nature. For me, hiking with a toddler is often more of a wrangling event than an exhilarating escape into nature. My boys were kind enough to give me a weekend away to hike for […]

Outdoors in Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

Ooo-la-la-Lake Constance (also referred to as the Bodensee)! This recreational lake and natural beauty is Europe’s third largest lake surrounded by Germany, Austria, Lichtenstein, and Switzerland. I love, love, love visiting this place! The massive, bright blue lake is surrounded by fruit groves, farms, vineyards, and some of the most picture perfect villages […]

Lake Love in Sipplingen, Germany and the Bodensee

Now that summer is well underway here in Germany, I thought it was a good time to list out a few of my favorite summer wines from around Europe. Plus, my blog is called “Pack the Corkscrew”, so I am hoping the readers will appreciate this! Before moving to Germany, I was […]

My Top 5 Summer White Wines (European)

Click here for Stunning Slovenia, Part 1: Overnight in Austria Lake Bled, Slovenia WONDERFUL! This was easily one of the most stunning lakes I have ever seen in my life. Tahoe is up there, but something about a rocky castle precariously looming over you as you swim in teal crystal-clear […]

Stunning Slovenia, Part 2: Bled, Bohinj, and Footloose

After a history soaked week in Normandy, me, my husband, his ex-wife, their teenage son, and our two and a half-year old son (whew!) headed out to Bastogne to tour the Bastogne War Museum in Belgium. As I mentioned in my previous post, this trip was mostly planned by my husband […]

Bastogne War Museum, Belgium

The catchphrases for this trip were “Thank God there’s whiskey!” and “Damn Tour.” Out of the many trips we’ve taken since living in Germany, this road trip has been the most complex, historical, and emotionally moving. We covered historical sites ranging from Joan of Arc to WWII while traveling through France, […]

Road Trip to WWII Normandy, France

I’m typing this tanned while still feeling some sand and salt in my now much blonder hair. However, outside of my window I see nothing but gray skies, intermittent rain showers, and people slugging around with jackets, scarves, and umbrellas. Germany sure knows how to welcome a gal home! Due to […]

Sun Soaked in Algarve, Portugal

I’ll start off by saying, I LOVE BRUGES! This was our second time in Belgium. Our first trip was several years ago with a blind booking into Brussels. I had just found out I was pregnant, so I spent my time eating chocolate, frites, and painfully watching my husband enjoy […]

Bruges, Belgium – Luxembourg, and the Belgium Coast

Early summer and early autumn in Germany is prime season for one of my favorite past times, Weinwanderung (wine hikes/walks/wandering)!! It’s about as fun as it sounds, but I highly recommend going with a lively group to maximize the fun experience. I have gone with a fabulous group of gals who […]

Wine Wandering and Wine Hikes in Germany